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G-Suite Account Activation

How to activate Google G Suite account for Education

The Google G Suite for Education (GS for short) has been imported into the university for one year and is performing well and highly acclaimed. The Computer and Network Center will continue to promote GS :

1. Starting from November 11 2019 , all fully registered NCKU students will be issued an account to use GS.

( Students have to activate his/her GS account before the first login. Please refer to the following link for the instructions and details:

Activate your GS account: https://gs.ncku.edu.tw/gsreadme-en/instruction-of-signing-up/student )

2. Students GS account will remain active and accessible after his/her graduation. It is suggested that students use the GS mailbox as their main contacts.

3. GS account and "Cheng-Kung Portal" account are mutually independent and are accessed using their own passwords. Therefore, they will not affect each other.

4. Notification mails from university information services will still be send to mailbox StudentID@mail.ncku.edu.tw, but they will be addressed to StudentID@gs.ncku.edu.tw in the near future.

(To prevent from missing emails, students can redirect their emails to GS mailbox @gs.ncku.edu.tw. Please refer to the information of receiving email sent to mailbox @mail.ncku.edu.tw at


for details.

5. The university will cease issuing email account @mail.ncku.edu.tw to students from the fall semester in 2020.

6. All the information services that will send notices by email to students should be checked and updated as necessary for this matter.

7. For any query on this notice or GS relevant questions, please contact the Consulting Desk (ext. 61010).

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